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Linda’s Story Catches Media’s Attention

“Do I really inspire people?” Linda genuinely ponders how her seemingly simple story has captured the attention of the media when KATU, one of Portland’s local broadcasters, aired her story April 14th, “Everyday Heroes: Ride Like a Girl.”

No spoiler alert needed because you won’t find the details here; I’m including a link below so you can view and read for yourself. If as a result, you find yourself moved, tearing up or feeling motivated to overcome a personal challenge, perhaps you will share your thoughts and help Linda discover that simple (when combined with transparency) inspires!  Linda’s “Everyday Heroes …” story on KATU.





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RLAG Exposed!

In a culminating ride for the 2014 season, a team of sixteen women from Ride Like A Girl completed a 46-mile bike ride in The Harvest Century Sunday, September 28.  In a wave of pink, white and black, the women crossed finish line to be greeted by a live camera and reporter Continue reading


Keep Old Faithful or Buy a New Bike?

Whew, this was a time consuming project – my first podcast! Well…uh, perhaps I should say ‘my first online digital audio file.’ Podcast implies a series of recordings and this girlfriend is not about to commit to a series of anything, especially when it requires endless editing. Nonetheless, my recorded interview with Kate Nelson at Western Bikeworks is finally good enough to share. But let’s call it a podcast anyway, just for fun, okay?

I am thinking of the woman who is wondering if it is time to replace the old clunker (bicycle) collecting dust in her garage or if she can manage to get a few more miles out of it. Continue reading