Ride Like A Girl Cycling

Learn ~ Laugh ~ Love it!



We are a welcoming community of girlfriends who invite you to join us.

Ride Like A Girl Cycling in Portland, Oregon exists to help women discover the joy of cycling. Take advantage of group bike rides, free clinics and skill-building opportunities to better your skills with professional coaches. View our calendar and join us for a free 60-day trial at at Meetup.com/RLAGcycling.

The Problem: While many women know how to ride a bike, many barriers prevent them from enjoying it — like not knowing where to ride, the fear of getting hurt or being left behind, and feeling unsafe about sharing the road with vehicles. These common barriers result in women missing out on the fun, fitness and friendship benefits of bicycling.

The Heart of Ride Like A Girl Cycling: We want to rewrite this storyline. Imagine an opening scene where one girlfriend says to another, “Want to come ride with me? I’ll show you what I’ve learned!”


Our Mission:
RLAG’s core mission is to help women discover the joy of cycling. We seek to transform the non-riding woman into a skilled, self-sufficient and confident bicyclist who feels capable of riding independently and with her significant other, friends or other cycling groups.

Our Vision:
1. Reduce the performance gap between male and female cyclists so that women are not so often left behind.
2. Accelerate a shift in the gender demographic of Portland area cyclists from 33% female to 50%.

Our Core Values (guiding principles):

Ride Injury Free: While we recognize that there are risks inherent in cycling, we believe it is possible to ride a bike safely. We believe that we dramatically reduce the likelihood of injury by:

  • Learning basic bike riding and handling skills
  • Being visible and aware of our surroundings when riding
  • Riding predictably and communicating our intentions to other cyclists, pedestrians and motorists that share our path
  • Adhering to Oregon’s laws governing bicyclists
  • Assuming responsibility for our own safety

Make Learning Easy: We seek to reduce the barriers to learning by making instruction easily accessible, just in time and reasonably priced. We strive to create a learning environment that feels safe to the newcomer, encourages questions and fosters ongoing girlfriend-to-girlfriend “Guess what I learned today?” conversations.

Make  It Fun: If learning and riding are fun, the rest will take care of itself. We desire to create an environment where laughter and light-heartedness give women the freedom to simply enjoy biking activities or to courageously set challenging goals. Both outcomes are celebrated.

Be Trustworthy: Integrity is essential to how we operate, earn credibility and build trust. We strive to match our actions with our words. We make every effort to ensure that bike ride activities reflect the posted descriptions, striving for a “no surprises” experience.

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