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Free 60-Day Trial

Take Advantage of our RLAG Cycling Meetup 60-day free trial where you may RSVP to and fully-participate in our social rides, clinics and skill-building opporunities. Sign up for a 60-day free trial at www.Meetup.com/RLAGcycling.

Meetup RLAG

Membership Benefits

After your 60-day free trial we invite you to become a RLAG Cycling Meetup Member for $25 (annual membership) by logging into RLAG Meetup and paying your member dues. Note that you may pay the membership dues at any time without losing the free trial period! RLAG Cycling Meetup members enjoy many benefits, including, but not limited to:

  • 15% off purchases at Showers Pass (Portland, OR) in-store and online (sale items excluded). *
  • 10% off purchases and bike rentals at Bike Gallery (six locations in Portland, OR) in-store and online (some exclusions apply) *
  • Quarterly special  offers & discounts at Bike Gallery *
  • Discounts to Portland-area organized bike events (our favorite events will be posted on RLAG Cycling Meetup calendar)
  • Member-only rates for RLAG Cycling signature cycling apparel (jersey, arm warmers, vest, etc.)
  • Private access to our local Meetup Members Only Facebook Group to connect with RLAG Cycling women within our local community.
  • Free “girlfriend rides” (social group bike rides) hosted by trained ride leaders
  • Access to numerous skill-building activities, such as: regularly-scheduled training clinics (to improve your biking and/or mechanical skills); on-bike coaching clinics; and an annual 3-day/night Bike Camp with professional coaches. Note that most clinics are free and coaching-led activities typically have a fee.

*  Important – You must Opt-in! Since our discount system is based upon an email model, you must sign-up to be eligible to receive discounts. Click here to opt-in and sign up for Member-Only savings.

Sign up and Save BG SP

Click here to opt-in and sign up for Member-Only savings.

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12 thoughts on “Membership

  1. I am interested, but would like to know more about rides. Are they held often? on weekends? Etc.

  2. I would like join without doing the 30 day trial because I want to take advantage of the bike fit at western bikeworks. How do I signup?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Erin, simply press the “Join” option in our Meetup site. You will not forfeit the 30 day free trial, it will be included in your membership!
      Once you officially join, you will receive instructions for getting Western Bikeworks discounts. Feel free to contact me directly if you have other questions. Carolyn 503-913-3534

  3. Hi! I have recently started road biking and am interested in joining a ladies cycling group! My one concern is that I am a type 1 diabetic and therefore may need to make several stops along the way to check my blood sugar and possibly treat it. Would this pose a problem riding with a group? Thank you!

    • Hi Shayna, I am impressed that you are looking to set physical goals for yourself in spite of your current health challenges. Let’s work together to see what is best for you and the group. Please contact me by phone so we can discuss your situation in more detail. You can reach me at 503-913-3534. I will have limited availability this week but Tuesday is almost wide open. If that doesn’t work, try me the week of April 17th. Carolyn Jen

  4. Hello, Your group cycled past me a few weeks ago in West Linn, shouted out the website name, and here I am checking it out.:) I am interested in joining a women’s cycling group. I started cycling this summer for first time and love it. I made the decision this week to try out clipless pedals and am having a heck of a time. Do you ever offer classes on transitioning to them? I noticed you had newbie rider classes this summer, and I’m sorry I missed out on those. I may be too new to cycling do the clipless. Looking for a little advice. Cheers, Debbie

    • Hi Debbie, what a fun way to meet 🙂 We are a friendly and welcoming group for newbies and women getting started road biking. Clipless pedals can be tricky. It takes practice and sometimes just training yourself to unclip at least one block in advance of your intended stopping place can help. In addition, practicing clipping in and out (repeatedly, over and over and over) can be helpful to learning the technique so your brain can do it automatically when needed. We occasionally offer clipless pedal training clinics but nothing is currently on the schedule for this season, as biking activity often drops during the fall and winter. You can keep an eye on our calendar at Meetup.com/RLAGcycling/events for more info about what we are up to. We would love to have you join us sometime!

  5. Hello – I’d like to join the Ride Like a Girl group. Thank you!

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