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New Partners is Good News!

It’s never been a better time to bike in Portland! The Bike Gallery (Portland’s premier bike shop with six locations) and Showers Pass (manufacturers of amazing active apparel for outdoor enthusiasts) are two new partners; joining Ride Like A Girl Cycling in a common mission to encourage women to bike. If you’re a member of our Ride Like A Girl Cycling Meetup group, this means, new discounts, new learning opportunities, new events and new girlfriends! If you’re not a member, consider yourself invited to become one. Click here to read the full Partnerships Announcement.New Partners BP SP

Bike Gallery

With six Locations, Continue reading

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Cycle Oregon Riders, You’ve Got Friends


Girlfriends connecting at Cycle Oregon

The unexpected. It shows up, uninvited, unprepared and unscheduled. As I write, ten named forest fires are wreaking havoc throughout our beloved state parks and national forests throughout the state of Oregon. Washington and Idaho are also engulfed; and newscasters dispense air quality alerts as regularly as mealtimes. Continue reading

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Pure Gold: Cycle Oregon 2016

15cyc019_5x5_postcard_fnlIt’s here! Cycle Oregon’s (CO) annual seven-day bicycle tour through rural Oregon. Today we gather and tomorrow we roll out from Myrtle Creek, westward to the Southern Oregon Coast. Bandon, Gold Beach and Brookings are just a few towns waiting for our arrival and ready to showcase their hospitality, uniqueness and gems in their little corner of the world.  It is my sixth consecutive year participating in this delightful and priceless experience called, “Cycle Oregon”.  Continue reading

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Bike Camp, Day Two: Descending, Baby!

Hoods versus Drops:

Coaches JoAnn, Cody and Bart demonstrate correct hand position for descending; the drops (lowest position on the handle bars). This gives you the most control, stability, best leverage for braking and all around safety.

It was a morning of descending, climbing, repeat …, and then one final Continue reading


Road Bike Training Camp: Day -1

Everyone loves summer camp, right? Many women love the annual camp tradition for the freedom it brings when the kiddos are gone for a week. But in the case of Ride Like A Girl Cycling, this year it’s our turn. With the help of Bowen Sports Performance, we have our first-ever road bike training camp – and it starts tomorrow.


Thinking of the fourteen women who are preparing and packing tonight for this grand adventure, I was inspired to write this poem. Continue reading


Idaho Day 6: Daybreak Drama Inspires Haiku

When three hundred people embark on a seven-day bicycle tour, it is not surprising when they face some form of drama. Potential issues can arise from equipment failure, not eating enough or dehydration, relational tensions, extreme weather conditions, or the dreaded bicycle accident. Day 6, on the other hand, presented a threat that none of us Continue reading