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Wildly Wonderful: 2020 Bike Camp

Wildly Wonderful Camp Image

Register TODAY!

Early Bird Discount: Save $75 if you register by February 14th, 2020. Use promotion code: RLAG-Early Bird Discount

Every year since 2016 women of various road biking abilities have attended our cycling camp and the feedback is unanimous: “I wish I had attended this sooner.” Recreational cyclists come to camp with a wide assortment of experience and backgrounds. Most have never had a cycling coach or attended a training camp. Some attend spin classes, some may participate in club rides, while others commute to work or bike solo.

Last year two campers had less than one year of cycling experience, a few had been biking for many years, and most were somewhere in between. In spite of the many differences, there was one thing these women had in common: They loved bike camp!


We hope you will consider joining us this June 11-14, 2020, in the riverside town of Hood River, Oregon, and in the heart of the captivatingly beautiful Columbia River Gorge.

    • Click here to learn more and to register (note: you will be taken to our partner’s website, Bowen Sports Performance, to register).

Here are a few photos from our previous camp, Crater Lake 2019.

See you at camp!

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New Partners is Good News!

It’s never been a better time to bike in Portland! The Bike Gallery (Portland’s premier bike shop with six locations) and Showers Pass (manufacturers of amazing active apparel for outdoor enthusiasts) are two new partners; joining Ride Like A Girl Cycling in a common mission to encourage women to bike. If you’re a member of our Ride Like A Girl Cycling Meetup group, this means, new discounts, new learning opportunities, new events and new girlfriends! If you’re not a member, consider yourself invited to become one. Click here to read the full Partnerships Announcement.New Partners BP SP

Bike Gallery

With six Locations, Continue reading


Bike Camp: What Does it Look Like?

Every year since 2016 we invite women of various road biking abilities to come together for a multi-day, biking training camp experience; put their life on pause, take a few days to focus on themselves and their bike, and learn in a friendly, supportive, professional environment where all you have to do is eat, learn, bike, sleep Continue reading

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This is What Girlfriends Do.

IMG_4403 (1)

Julia (left) atop Council Crest last summer, celebrating her victorious climb (buoyed and encouraged by two RLAG cyclists)

You may think it’s a no-brainer; helping a friend to adjust her helmet or add an accessory to her bike; or hanging back to ride with her when she’s struggling to keep pace with the rest of the group. Unfortunately, we don’t always find this girlfriend spirit in a cycling group. Sometimes Strava goals, destination timetables and competitive spirits win over lending a helping hand. But last Friday I witnessed the blessing and beauty Continue reading

Founder of Ride Like A Girl, “We’re Unique”

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On April 5th, 2018 Ride Like A Girl (RLAG) will celebrate five years of helping women fall in love with biking. Today, RLAG has close to two hundred members, fifteen volunteer ride leaders and a continued passion to come alongside women who want to dust off their bike and ride. Listen in on this informal interview with founder and ‘girlfriend in charge’, Carolyn Jen, to learn why she started RLAG, what makes it unique and what surprises it has yielded since that special spring day in 2013.

This video was produced by Melanie Wood, Happy Feet Photography.

To learn more about Ride Like A Girl, check out our Meetup.com schedule or find us on Facebook:

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Enter: Ride Like A Girl

April 5th, 2013, Ride Like A Girl came on the scene in Portland, Oregon. Forty women showed up for our first “Just Coffee” session confirming our hunch that women want to bike. With a passion for helping women get started, we launched with a mission to help women discover the joy of biking; offering coaching, training and social biking opportunities. With the support and help from our friends at Northwest Butts on Bikes Meetup, our sponsor Western Bikeworks, and others, here we are five years later with 170 women, ever-expanding our cycling skills, discovering new horizons and continuing to reach out to newcomers. One way we are celebrating our birthday is with throwback photos to that first year. We hope you’ll follow along and celebrate with us.
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Bike Love Changes the World


“True Love” is the first of five in a “Love” series sticker project. Inspired by the fun and naive essence of childhood, Tal (Berlin artist and creator of the series) says, “My bike was my favorite thing in the world!”

Travel is an amazing vehicle to discover new people, places and things, as evidenced today when I met “Tal” in Croatia and fell in love with this “True Love” sticker that she created.  Our bus-train commute from Zagreb to Split provided the opportunity to meet but when she shared her creation, I was instantly curious to know more. Tal (who wishes to be called only by her first name) is a Berlin artist, bike mechanic and Continue reading

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Cycle Oregon Riders, You’ve Got Friends


Girlfriends connecting at Cycle Oregon

The unexpected. It shows up, uninvited, unprepared and unscheduled. As I write, ten named forest fires are wreaking havoc throughout our beloved state parks and national forests throughout the state of Oregon. Washington and Idaho are also engulfed; and newscasters dispense air quality alerts as regularly as mealtimes. Continue reading


Linda’s Story Catches Media’s Attention

“Do I really inspire people?” Linda genuinely ponders how her seemingly simple story has captured the attention of the media when KATU, one of Portland’s local broadcasters, aired her story April 14th, “Everyday Heroes: Ride Like a Girl.”

No spoiler alert needed because you won’t find the details here; I’m including a link below so you can view and read for yourself. If as a result, you find yourself moved, tearing up or feeling motivated to overcome a personal challenge, perhaps you will share your thoughts and help Linda discover that simple (when combined with transparency) inspires!  Linda’s “Everyday Heroes …” story on KATU.