Ride Like A Girl Cycling

Learn ~ Laugh ~ Love it!


Welcome to Ride Like A Girl Cycling Meetup. We are glad you found us and look forward to connecting with you. Let us share a bit more about us, what we offer, what we ask and how to get the most from your experience with us.

7 Things About Us

  1. We are recreational cyclists who love to bike. 
  2. We are about 150+ members, aka ‘Girlfriends
  3. We are a women’s club and we welcome anyone who identifies as female. 
  4. We are known as a community of girlfriends that:
    • Welcomes new and experienced cyclists alike
    • Celebrates both, riding just for fun, and reaching for stretch goals.
    • Promotes a Girlfriend Vibe: friendly, encouraging, looking out for one another – that’s the way we roll.
    • Cultivates a learning environment by offering skill-building activities (learning from each other and resourcing professional coaches and industry experts)
  5. Trained ride leaders volunteer their time, offering recreational bike rides at all levels. Leaders complete an 8-hour course in biking safety and leadership.
  6. We operate on the Meetup.com platform, as “Ride Like A Girl Cycling” where you can find: calendar of rides, learning opportunities and some of our favorite local bike events 
  7. Our Meetup leadership team is comprised of our ride leaders and RLAG Cycling founder, Carolyn Jen.

7 Things We Offer

  1. Girlfriend rides: Free group bike rides led by trained, volunteer ride leaders (occasionally we welcome the guys, but most of the time it’s just us gals)
  2. Free clinics (How to buy a bike, How to clean your bike, etc.)
  3. Professional cycling coaches and industry experts to help you grow your skills, confidence and safety.
  4. A “One-Stop Shop” calendar that includes our favorite local bike events – some of which include discounted registration.
  5. 60-day free trial so you can see what it’s like to ride and learn among a community of girlfriends. 
  6. Membership & Benefits: 
    • Continued access to participate in girlfriend rides 
    • Skill building opportunities, clinics and coaching
    • Access to a variety of industry discounts
    • Annual membership costs $25/year
    • And more …
  7. Industry Discounts:
    • Bike purchases and rentals
    • Apparel
    • Gear & accessories 
    • RLAG Club apparel (jersey, arm warmers and more!)
    • and more!

7 Things What We Ask

  1. Assume responsibility for your own safety 
    • Ask a bike mechanic to ensure your bike is safe and operable
    • ABC Quick Check (before every ride)
    • Maintain your bike, as if your safety depends on it
    • Ride visibly, predictably, alertly, legally and always be in control of your bicycle.
    • For tips and to learn the rules of the road for your area (If you’re in OR/WA area, checkout the OR Bicyclist Manual or WA Bicycle Laws)
    • Wear a helmet, as if your brain health depends on it
  2. Choose a bike ride according to your ability. Our rides vary widely so read carefully the description posted in our calendar. If you need guidance, contact the ride leader
  3. RSVP and un-RSVP so leaders can be adequately prepared.
  4. Watch “Comments” for Updates & Changes: Leaders will use the “Comments” section located below each event post any updates or changes you need to know. Stay up-to-date by reading these comments on the day of the event.
  5. Eat heathy before you ride: Please do not diet on a biking day. Pack a snack to ensure you are able to sustain your energy for the duration of the ride.
  6. Arrive early to Girlfriend Rides so you are ready to roll at the posted start time.
  7. When you need help, ask. Don’t be shy to ask a question or say you need assistance. We can usually help, but we may not offer if you don’t let us know you need it.

7 Ways to Get the Most from Us

  1. Join us at www.Meetup.com/RLAGcycling and enjoy a free 60-day trial 
  2. Become a member by submitting member dues at anytime (you will not lose your free trial days).
  3. Once you are a member (no longer in the trial period), opt-in to receive our member discounts. Look for the sign-up link in the About Us section of RLAG Cycling Meetup. 
  4. Engage and Share your comments, questions and photos at Meetup events you attend. You will find the Comments and Photos sections just below the Meetup activity’s post description.
  5. Contact the event/ride leader if you have a question or concern about the activity they are hosting. You will find the leader’s name in the body of the description.
  6. Download the Meetup App to your smartphone
  7. Download the Ride with GPS App to your smartphone so you can explore the route, distance and elevation gain for any given bike ride shared in Meetup.