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Celebrating Firsts & Personal Bests


Last Saturday thirty-nine cyclists of the Ride Like A Girl Team gathered at each of the four starting lines: Portland, Newberg, Amity and Grand Rhonde, with a singular purpose: Reach the Beach! A long road with months of preparation and training: biking in spite of rain, learning to climb hills, facing ever-increasing and more challenging distances, monitoring food intake, gathering sponsors and managing a good dose of nervous anticipation. And in the end, they did fabulous! In celebration of both team and individual accomplishments, I offer the following Team Highlights and a collection of photos to give you a sense of just how big this day was.

The 80-mile starting lineup!

The 80-mile starting lineup!

Team Highlights:

  • Two team members participated in spite of their current lung disease! Kathy and Linda know first hand how special this event is, given that they each battle lung disease. They set an amazing “keep fighting” example for the rest of us. We are so proud of you two girlfriends.
  • Raising $8,585 we took 5th place in team fundraising for the American Lung Association so they can help others “Fight for Air”.
  • Eric Weisenborn and Vest Henry were a dynamic duo of support. Riding half the speed they are capable of, they came alongside the team in weekly training rides with words of encouragement, tips, training and sweeping to ensure no one was left behind. Henry, fondly known as “The Elevator”, gives weary trainees a push up the hill; priceless and always just-in-time! We especially loved Eric’s lesson on using a stick to return a fallen chain to its rightful place: the chainring. You two have deservedly earned honorary girlfriend status in our books. Thank you for helping us get to both starting and finish lines!
  • Three heroes volunteered to serve the team during the event with the primary purpose of offering support, encouragement and help wherever it was needed. Eric Weisenborn (above), Diana Koegler (below) and Sara Mees, you are our heroes!

    Diana offers encouragement in the form of constant teasing and laughter. Guess which one she is?

    Diana offers encouragement in the form of constant teasing and laughter. Guess which one she is?

Individual Highlights:

The following images do not represent the entire team but will offer a snapshot of some of the wonderful personal best’s (PBs) and accomplishments achieved by many. Hover over each photo to reveal the accompanying caption or click to enlarge and see extended text.

A hearty congratulations to each and every team member who biked, 26, 55, 65, 80 or 100 miles. Thank you to all of you friends, family, neighbors and colleagues who supported us with generous donations. Together we made a significant contribution towards enabling the American Lung Association continue the “Fight for Air”.

Just wait till you see us next year!

Author: Carolyn @ RideLikeAGirlPortland.com

I am an avid cyclist, passionate about training and encouraging other women to discover the joys of cycling. I believe that if women have a learning environment that feels safe, is fun and includes the support of other women, they will naturally Learn, Laugh and Love it!

4 thoughts on “Celebrating Firsts & Personal Bests

  1. These ladies are awesome! It’s great to ride along side them and see how they encourage each other. Honestly, they didn’t really need me but I had a blast being there. Setting goals, encouraging and supporting each other … these ladies rocked it! What’s next for our agenda? The biking season is still young!

  2. It was a personal best for me as it was for many others! The group made it all possible. Encouragement, encouragement, encouragement is the undergirding strength of RLAG. I ride with very compromised knees from four surgeries, Advil was a big help on the last 10 of 55miles. Both parents died of lung related issues and I feel grateful I never fell to smoking. At 62 years, to be doing something new and challenging is thrilling. Jan Kelty

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